Business management consultants


COGEA was founded in 1979, born out of the experience of its Partners acquired in Auditing, Certification and Management Consulting multinational companies. Since then the activities performed by COGEA have gradually focused on areas relating to the programming and management of initiatives cofinanced by the EU.

With its thirty-plus years of consultancy experience and over 150 assignments pertaining to activities cofinanced with EU structural funds, COGEA is now a leading company in Italy in the spheres of technical assistance, programming, evaluation, management and monitoring of programmes and actions cofinanced with EU Structural Funds.

Since 2010 COGEA has become a European leader in the conceiving and development of market intelligence solutions throughout the EU food distribution chain to aid policymakers and stakeholders.

Its main clients include: Community, National and Regional Administrations, Local Authorities, Public-Private Partnerships, Banks.

COGEA has proven experience in the handling of relations with collective interest organisations, having collaborated for years, as part of Community programming, with leading business and trade organisations, at both a national and regional level.

Since 2002 activities performed by COGEA are governed via a certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (Certificate nr. 7096/02/S of 30/05/2017).