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Quality and Improvement Systems

COGEA is engaged in the creation of territorial and environmental quality systems, as well as collective tools for the protection and development of agricultural products and the self-regulation of producers.

In 1998 it conducted on behalf of the European Commission one of the first Community-wide studies on the analysis of collective and private quality labels, aimed at aiding the efforts of economic operators in the agro-foodstuff sector to meet consumers’ needs.

In 1993 COGEA created, with the Galgano Group, the Agribusiness Total Quality (ABTQ) Consortium, an innovative services organisation, aimed at applying Total Quality in the agro-industrial sector and in rural areas of Italy.

Since 2008 it has been working on systems for the development of rural territories in the Mediterranean area, such as the Ruralità Mediterranea quality label, bringing together 23 Local Action Groups of Sicily, Campania and Greece, with the participation of over 300 enterprises operating in the spheres of tourist accommodation, catering and the sale of wine, food and craft products.

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