Business management consultants

Other activities

Design, studies and researches 

The COGEA working group has developed sectoral and territorial studies and analyses on behalf of local, national and Community authorities on questions relating to:

  • Legislation on national and/or Community facilities;
  • Strategies to develop agro-industrial products;
  • Emerging models of sustainable tourism, special-theme tourist itineraries and the rationalisation of tourist accommodation structures;
  • Endogenous and territorial economic development, local development strategies
  • Collective quality labels, and relative trade organisations


COGEA is at the service of Administrations that decide to support public sector policies for the promotion and support of businesses through specialised consultancy systems: market analysis, analysis of needs and positioning studies, assistance with strategies for operational and organisational enhancement, management control, support with the creation of networks of enterprises, help with fundraising.

COGEA also operates in the sphere of mentoring to enterprises that are granted considerable funding within the framework of Law 488/92, aimed at attaining the utmost efficiency when implementing investment plans and at boosting business growth and innovation.


COGEA operates on behalf of public and private bodies on the design, rollout and monitoring of integrated training, skill transfer and best practices dissemination actions, within the framework of projects financed by the European Social Fund.

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