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Fishery and maritime policy

In the last few years, COGEA has been expanding its business into fishery and maritime policy, mainly through the provision of support services and studies to the EU Commission – DG MARE.

As regards fisheries, COGEA has developed analyses and studies on the structure of the whole sector supply chain in the EU. The experience gained has led to the design and development of EUMOFA, the first market observatory of fisheries and aquaculture products covering the entire EU.

When it comes to maritime policy, COGEA has supported the constitution of EUNETMAR, a network of companies and organizations from all across the EU, of which is the lead company. EUNETMAR is carrying out a framework contract for the EU Commission to support the implementation of the EU Integrated Maritime Policy.

COGEA has focused especially on the quantitative measurement of Blue Growth potential in Baltic, Mediterranean and Black Sea countries, as well as on the contribution to the defintion and fine-tuning of macroregional strategies in the Adriatic-Ionian and Baltic Sea. Cogea has also worked on the identification of the potential for maritime cooperation in the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

Finally, COGEA is leading the consortium of companies in charge of developing¬†EMODnet Lot 7 “Human Activities”. EMODnet is the European Marine Observation and Data Network. COGEA’s is building a web portal that makes available harmonized geographic data on 14 human activities at sea, through an interactive map.

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