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Control Systems and Monitoring

COGEA has been one of the first companies in Italy to carry out financial controls for structural funds and to issue Certification on the well-foundedness of public spending to the European Commission.

Ever since the 1994-99 Structural Funds programme, COGEA has carried out first-level controls (systematic and/or spot checks on operations), second-level controls (analysis of management system and control procedures, evaluation of systemic risks and consequent spot checks on operations, in situ).

Thanks to the numerous assignments awarded and performed, over the years COGEA has built up an extensive and consolidated network of certified accountants and auditors, dotted all over Italy.

COGEA has drafted and monitored audit trails, collected samples, carried out site inspections and issued certification pursuant to Reg. 2064/97, Reg. 438/01 and Reg. 1828/06 for regional and multiregional Programmes (POR – DOCUP – POM Industria), Operational Programmes (PO Energia – PON SIL) and Community Initiative Programmes (PIC PMI, Retex, Konver), working for both Ministries and Regions, certifying public spending programmes having a global value in excess of 14 billion Euro. These assignments have enabled COGEA to gradually build up an extensive network of particularly experienced collaborators: Certified Accountants, Auditors and Engineers, distributed in all Convergence Obj. (previously Obj. 1) regions and in the main Regions of the Centre-North of the country.

COGEA is in constant touch with leading institutions involved in the implementation of auditing in the Italian context (Commission DGs, IGRUE, European Court of Auditors, OLAF).

Ever since 1994 COGEA has acted as a Monitor, the aim of which is to ensure compliance with cofinancing procedures and regulations (physical-economic-financial-procedural monitoring), with reference to the Beneficiaries of initiatives subsidised through the use of national and Community public funds.

This activity, which is the professional area in which COGEA has its largest territorial presence, has been performed on behalf of Intermediary Bodies for CIPs (Community Initiative Programmes): PMI, LEADER I and LEADER II, URBAN), GGs (Global Grants), Sviluppo Italia (within the framework of Law 608/96), Ministerial Agencies (Istituto Sviluppo Agroalimentare ISA SPA), Regions (Programme Framework Agreements of Emilia Romagna region) and financial Institutes.

Site inspections have been carried out on the premises of over 3,500 enterprises.

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